Bories House, Boutique Country House Hotel in Puerto Natales Chile

Slide of History

During the first years of the 20th century, a large area of cattle grazing land was opened up alongside the Ultima Esperanza sound in the area around Puerto Natales the town which was founded in 1911. In 1914 a huge refrigerator and slaughter house to process and export meat and wool was opened to serve this region at Puerto Bories, about three miles along the shore from Puerto Natales. The owners were the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, known as the 'Explotadora' or SETF and by then the biggest sheep ranchers in the south. The factory was three miles away from the source of workers at Puerto Natales and therefore a railway was built to run between the muelles at Puerto Bories and Puerto Natales.

With the opening of the factory in 1914 grew a demand to build houses for the managers and workers in Puerto Bories. The hamlet Puerto Bories has a main Plaza with cedar trees lining the edges and 14 traditional houses encircling the square. Views stretch to Balmaceda and Serrano glacier and the scenery is of mountains and pasture land.

Bories House opened its door to the public in 2010 as an alternative place to stay whilst visiting the extreme South of Chile. It stands in the main Plaza at Puerto Bories and originally was home to the administrator of the SETF, but 60 years on it has been restored and modernized to offer visitors to the area a pleasant and authentic place to stay and relax in Patagonia.

The original features are still within the house and the furnishings are all original pieces from the era which have been complemented by modern luxuries and textiles to bring a classic elegance to the rustic shell of the house.

The peace and tranquility to be found in Puerto Bories is unique, only 10 minutes by car to the town centre of Puerto Natales, yet positioned by the fjord and surrounded by open countryside ones visitors immediately feel that they have arrived in Patagonia.

During the 1970´s due to political unrest the factory was shut down and in 1996 the remaining buildings were listed as a National Monument.

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