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Bories House is situated in a beautiful, historic hamlet Puerto Bories with that offers stunning views of the Last Hope Sound, Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers and the spectacular mountain ranges nearby. Only 5 kilometres north from Puerto Natales, just off the road that leads to Torres del Paine National Park.

From Chile

Flying is the easiest way to reach southern Patagonia - either from Santiago or Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas. During the high season through Sky Airlines  you can fly direct to Puerto Natales. Lan Airlines is expected to start flying to Puerto Natales soon. For more information and details visit their websites: and

The transfer time to Puerto Natales is 3 hours (250 kms.).  There are 3 options:

1.- Bories House  private transfer, which can be arranged to pick you up from your hotel or Punta Arenas airport (US$200 per van for 2 passengers).
2.- Hire a car in there offices in Punta Arenas or if you previous book it, it can be give to you in the airport. For more information about the types of cars available and prices contact:,,
3.- There are regular buses that can be taken every day approx. every hour from the airport or from each company’s terminal located in the centre of Punta Arenas.  There are 3 companies that operate this route: Buses Fernández, Buses Pacheco and Bus Sur.

The Navimag a passenger and cargo ship sails from Puerto Montt twice a week throughout peak season. Please ask for specific schedule

***If you have arrived in Puerto Natales by public transport or Navimag ferry we will pick you up from the bus station or port.  If you wish to take a taxi you will find one in the main Plaza (please refer to Puerto Natales map)

From Argentina

First of all, you have to catch a flight to southern Patagonia, for which you have 2 options:

 Fly to Bariloche, visit the lovely “swiss flavoured” area of Bariloche and then cross to Puerto Montt - Chile by boat through 4 different lakes. Then fly from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas. (Refer to: “From Chile” for the rest of your journey)

Fly to El Calafate: By going this way you can visit the impressive Perito Moreno glacier, and if you have time, go to El Chalten to explore the magnificent mount Fitz Roy.

The transfer time to Puerto Natales is 5 hours (300 kms.) including all the Chile- Argentina frontier requirements.

There are 3 options:
1.- You can contract a private transfer to pick you up from your hotel or El Calafate airport and drop you off in our hotel. For more information contact
2.- Hire a car in El Calafate. For more information on the types of cars available and prices contact: , ,

*** Please note it is very important that the car you have rented has all the correct insurance and papers required to be able to cross the border into Chile.

3.- There are 2 regular bus companies, Buses Zaahj and Buses Cootra - that have 2 departures daily during the high season from El Calafate to Puerto Natales. These can be taken from the Bus terminal located in the centre of El Calafate. (Make sure you book your tickets in advance).

There are regular flights to Punta Arenas via Lan Chile and DAP Airlines. For more details and flight schedules visit their websites: or

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